Where is The Kona Bean Coffee Estate?

Any Kona bean aficionado knows that it requires the right type of ingredients and brew equipment to make that full roast flavored bean come alive. You'll find we roast a very lively collection of your favorite coffee beans to make your Kona bean coffee a truly great experience.

The perfect roast Kona Bean Coffee

The perfect roast Kona Bean Coffee

The finest grades of Arabica beans are imported directly from specially selected estates to reveal the perfect bloodline. We watch our beans roast in small batches to ensure that only the finest, freshest and most delicious bean is made available to you. Choose from Traditional Medium roast bean, Medium/Dark roast bean and our special Dark roast Kona bean.

Roasting is probably the most important link in the industry. If you have a bad roast, even the most perfect Kona Bean can become tainted.

What We Do:

We ensure our roaster is at 475 degrees fahrenheit then gently slide the "green" Kona bean into the roaster (slowly and consistently to reduce brusling. Temperature will drop to about 350 degrees F.

We then regulate the heat to slowly warm up the bean. If they warm up too fast it leaves some charred or burnt in appearance. This adds bitterness to our end product. We warm them up slowly to heat the colder middle of the beans. Remember, that is where the caffeine and Kona bean coffee flavor is stored. It takes longer but the rewards are worth our wait.

Always viewing the beans and when it reaches a light gold color, we turn the heat back up. Some beans are stubborn and want to stay green in color although they will eventually turn to the right light gold shade. We are warming the beans evenly, not cooking them yet.

Turning up the heat.

The beans will go through a metamorphosis in the next 10 minutes. They turn brownish, then black veins appear and the look done for a Medium Roast. They try to trick the Barista.

Our barstia will hear popping sounds because the coffee beans crack and expand under the heat of the roaster. Think of each pop as an acknowledgment to roasting a superior bean. At first only a few beans pop, then finally a barrage of crackling will emerge from the roaster if the small-batch was properly pre-heated.

We make sure every bean is popped. Then we check and remove those of uneven color. It should always be a brownish golden glow from our medium roasted bean. The chaff is exposed because the bean popped and expanded. Now we smell the aroma circulating around and this is the tell-tale sign that we are getting close to cupping a mug.

We take numerous samples from our sight screen and wait until the desired color and texture is uniform and even. The chaff will start to brown up on the edges. Just a few more seconds the roasters says.

We have just roasted the perfect Medium Bean for you.

For dark bean aficionado let's assume you want a darker bean.

If we keep the heat on the beans they will slowly turn darker and darker. The chaff will almost start to glow. The temperature rises to and unbearable 465 degree F. Our faces start to sweat.

A second barrage of bean popping begins. Watching, the chaff still glows and the beans turn black, this is the pre-oil stage. The bean popping becomes louder and louder. Oil starts to seep from the back side of the beans.

Barista’s watch the Kona bean coffee, smell and listen for the perfect bean moment.

Viewing the bean, there's a lot of smoke. The chaff is still glowing and the oil on the beans move towards The chaff edge. The popping slows to a light crackle. The chaff starts to brown. Darker in color, less popping and the bean smell becomes almost unbearable.

We proudly roasted the perfect dark bean for you.

Nice job talking us through the bean roasting process.

We could continue on to achieve an Espresso roast bean but, it truly is nerve racking and not for the strong java lover. Actually, the Espresso roast bean we would let it cook for a few more minutes with addional loss of oils.

Even at the flowering stage, the Kona Bean Coffee only wants to take a bath in your hot water and give you the gourmet consumer, rich, bold Kona only flavor of this : 100% Pure Kona Coffee Bean.

The Kona Bean Coffee Estate is where they grow the best coffee.