Kona Coffee & Entertaining:

Tips for Brewing the Perfect Pot of coffee.

Making a great pot of 100% kona coffee is simple when you have a great brewing technique. Here are some tips to help you achieve a good flavor. Start with fresh, cold water. Hot water can adversely affect flavor. If your tap water has any flavor, or would be considered “hard,” bottled water should be used. Use the correct grind for your coffee maker and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Keep your coffee fresh. Buy only a few week’s supply at a time. Store ground coffee in a tightly covered container. To keep it longer than two weeks, store the container in the freezer. Be precise when you measure both coffee and water. The right proportions make your perfect cup of coffee. Use one tablespoon per 6 fluid ounces of water. Add more or less to taste. Serve the coffee as soon as possible to preserve its aroma and flavor. Freshly brewed means fresh taste. Coffee can be kept warm only for about 20 minutes before the flavor starts to deteriorate. If you must keep it hot, use a vacuum carafe or flask. Always rinse the brew basket and the carafe with warm water immediately after every use to minimize the coffee residues that can adversely affect flavor.

1. Never reheat coffee because reheated coffee can taste stale and/or bitter.

2. Never reuse coffee filters or coffee grounds.

3. Make sure that your coffee maker is clean. Follow the manufacturers' instructions for cleaning your coffee maker.

Black Gold Coffee Brewing Tips for Entertaining:

A. To make a full 12-serving pot of coffee, use a half to two thirds cup of fresh grounds (more or less to suit your taste).

B. Don't forget to use the built-in timer. Set it to brew just as you start dinner. Your java will be ready as soon as you reach for dessert.

C. Try brewing a pot of coffee ahead of time and storing it in a thermal carafe. It will keep coffee hot up to 3 hours and leave you free to make another pot.

Entertaining Coffee Checklist for Success:

Here's a list of simple entertaining solutions to help transform off-the-list hosts into A-list hosts in no time flat! Even considering a couple of these ideas when planning your party will help you better enjoy entertaining friends and family this holiday season.

1. Select a theme for your party - everything from color palettes to food and decor.

2. Send out simple, yet elegant invitations to your guests. Sending guests electronic invitations or creating your own on your home computer will help keep costs to a minimum.

3. Buy prepared appetizers, side dishes, snacks and desserts from your favorite grocer to save you time.

4. Focus on preparing and serving one special homemade dish to "wow" your guests with your culinary expertise.

5. Welcome your guests with Black Gold Kona coffee drink that fits your theme and complements your holiday. Brewing coffees such as Black Gold Estate just before your guests arrive adds to your home’s inviting and welcoming aroma.

Enjoy Coffee with Your Friends from The Black Gold Coffee Estate.

Add simple styling touches:

A. Place sent free candles throughout your home to add a warm glow.

B. Incorporate small flower bouquets around the house in areas in which guests will gather.

C. Create place cards for your guests. It adds an elegant and personal flair to your get-together.

D. Set the mood by having CDs ready and in order of play. Keeping your theme in mind will bring together consistency and style.

E. Remember, be a gracious host! Spending time with your guests creates lasting memories.

F. End the evening on an elegant note by bringing your Gold Coffee service out on a festive tray and offer both regular and decaf varieties along with an array of cream, milk, sugars, whipped cream topping and even rock candy sticks as a fun alternative to stirring spoons.

G. Serving after-dinner coffee is a polite sign that your wonderful party is coming to an end.