100% Kona Coffee Beans

Black Gold Kona Coffee Passion

Our passion to grow and roast the best coffee bean is evident throughout each detail of our coffee.

Black Gold Kona Coffee number one ingredient is fine coffee beans roasted the same day as we ship them to our valued Kona Coffee drinker.

100% Pure Kona Coffee Beans

Kona coffee beans are the best high mountain grown coffee beans.

Kona Black Gold beans are rich, deep lava rock roasted, making a very smooth Kona, with a spring in your step and memorable bean after taste, our medium roast Kona is a coffee you can drink all day and enjoy every Black Gold cup.

Grind Type: Whole coffee beans
Roast Type: Medium
Bean Type: 100% Kona coffee
Grade Type: Extra fancy Kona coffee

100% Kona Coffee Beans are a Black Gold Kona Speciality.

100% Kona Black Gold Coffee beans can be a delightful experience that lets you enjoy Kona beans straight from our Kona Lava Rock bean roaster to your coffee mug.

Consistently #1 rated for farm fresh Kona. Kona Black Gold Extra Fancy is made up of only the large 100% top grade Kona.

Grind Type: Whole coffee beans Coffee
Roast Type: Medium
Bean Type: 100% Kona coffee
Grade Type: Extra fancy Kona coffee

Kona Peaberry is the best kind of Coffee.

Normally the cherry of the coffee tree contains two seeds or beans that develop with flat facing sides, but sometimes only one of the two seeds is fertilized, and the single seed develops with nothing to flatten it. These oval or pea-shaped beans are known as Peaberry. Peaberry coffee is particularly associated with Kona Coffee although other Peaberry varieties of coffee have also become quite popular.

Bean Type: Peaberry coffee beans
Roast Type: Medium
Blend Type: 100% Kona Peaberry coffee
Roast Type: Fancy Kona Peaberry 

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The coffee mill or, "benefit" in Spanish, is the place where the coffee cherry is transformed into the hard coffee or green beans that are sent to the roaster. The Black Gold Estate ensure that at each step this process respects American quality standards and each of the qualities that make a great estate coffee.

Since beans of various sizes, water content, and density lead to varying flavors and quality, the process at our farm focuses on selecting only the ideal size, density, and humidity for the Black Gold Estate coffee beans.

While many coffee farms that are hours away from their processing facility our fermenting, washing and sun drying facilities are a stones throw from the trees and that is only a tractor ride away from the roasting house. This reduces the chances that the cherries are harmed prior to processing by carting the cherry in large flat screened wooden boxes for short distance.

Once at the traditional processing methods rather than new technologies ensure that the beans are gently and effectively hand selected. Under the watchful eyes of Hawaiian’s, the beans are de-pulped from the coffee cherry and classified by density as they float in fresh Hawaiian mountain water. The lighter beans float while the denser, more developed beans sink slowly at the end of the channels, there are small tanks for three classifications from each batch of Kona coffee. An experienced Hawaiian manages the flow of the beans into the different tanks.

To gently remove the mucilage, the Black Gold Estate has chosen the old, traditional method of fermenting the beans in the small tanks up to 36 hours. The Kona coffee beans are then washed by hand in a smaller water channel.

Each classification of clean beans is spread out separately in large open-air (raised) screened wooden rectangles to gently sun-dry Kona beans for up to 14 days. There the beans (protected by their hull or golden parchment) are raked and turned to expose them evenly to the Kona mountain sunlight. From the green house covered boxes, the coffee beans are collected and curred at low temperatures to ensure that they have the right humidity. The beans are then aged in bags for a minimum of 90 days to allow them to develop their smooth and balanced flavor. This period is known as the 'repose' and is similar to the aging of wine in oak casks. These age-old steps to develop the coffee's refinement are seldom used in other estate coffees.

Most estates are trying to automate and mechanize the different processing steps. Machines are being used to replace sun drying and the fermentation process. These commercial methods do not compare with the traditional steps in preparing a the Kona specialty bean.

Once aged, the beans are hulled to remove the golden parchment or hull which surrounds the beans. The Kona beans are then sorted by size, and again by density to ensure ideal uniformity. The final step is hand selection - a step rarely undertaken due to high costs and still, Black Gold insist on hand selecting and removing those beans that look defected in color and shape to ensure a coffee purity that no machine can reproduce. The fact that Black Gold Estate is hand selected at least twice distinguishes it as one of the world's most rigorously selected and cleanest tasting coffees.

Before the coffee is shipped off island, coffee samples are roasted and cupped on the farm to make sure that they represent the quality that is Black Gold Estate. This "cupping" test is a systematic coffee tasting method reminiscent of wine tastings. Once they pass the cupping tests, the bagged green beans begin their journey through the roasting house.

Roasting is the process that transforms the green Kona bean into a delicate brown Kona bean. Coffee beans are exposed to high heat in a chamber that rotates them to ensure balanced exposure to the roasting heat.

Coffee roasting is a simultaneous process of creation and destruction. Intense heat disrupts the molecular compounds and the woody structure of the beans. Starches are broken down into simple sugars which, as the roasting process continues, are caramelized back to complex sugars giving the Kona beans their brown color and a hint of chocolate sweetness.

As the beans develop into a dark roast, the floral aromatics, fruit acids and caffeine diminish. What is gained, however, is a pleasantly bitter edge, a darker caramel taste, and a velvety smoothness.

Before roasting, green coffee can be expected to last almost a full year if kept under cool and dry conditions. More than a few weeks after roasting, however, what made a fine coffee wonderful will deteriorate into something undrinkable.

Offering coffee on a fresh basis is a major challenge for the coffee roaster. We ensure that the you Black Gold Estate is a small batch roaster with the experience, consistent barista style and quality approach that guarantees fresh quality Kona beans.

Quality roasters are artisan barestas who over time develop a style that highlights the characteristics of a coffee which they prize. We emphasize its delicate balance fruitiness, while accentuating the smooth, almost buttery chocolate sweetness. All deliver one of the most delicious and explosively coffee experiences possible.

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