The best grades are Extra Fancy, Fancy coffee grounds.

This is America's own ground coffee grown on the southwest coast of the biggest island in the Hawaiian Nation chain called Hawai`i. Black Gold Estate is excellent tropical medium-bodied, lightly acidic, overwhelmingly aromatic, richly flavored, possessing subtle wine and chocolate tones brand.

Last Stage After Coffee Grinding Process:

The Enjoyment.

Here we offer insight on how to grind the best cup and a few notes on developing your coffee grounds taste palate. The bottom line is enjoying your experience. A cup of Black Gold Estate can only be as good as its basic ground ingredients. The two major elements in black brewing are good, fresh ground coffee beans and choice, clean water. Water makes up roughly 98% of the gold cup.

To make the most of your brew be sure to Grind Our Coffee Fresh.

Also, Each brewing method requires that the black beans be ground to the proper grind for best extraction.

The professional evaluation of a particular coffee's quality is an attempt to make a very subjective process as objective as possible. This process, called cupping, is much like professional wine tasting. This systematic procedure compares two or more ground coffees that have been roasted to the same point, ground to the same fineness, and brewed to same amounts. Using spoons and their senses, experts evaluate black coffee grounds by different criteria, including body and aroma. Through this process of cupping, experts come to understand a coffee grounds cup profile. More cupping notes. Like wine, ground coffee is an agricultural product dependent on the vagaries of weather conditions and idiosyncrasies of the plant itself. No two harvests are identical but there are characteristics that distinguish the estate year after year. It is a coffee of uncompromising smoothness and subtlety, it has an innate sweetness and creaminess. No cream or sugar, at least until you taste the estate first!" Black Gold Estate has an sumptuous mouthfeel which is not the least bit gritty or earthy as is often the case with heavily bodied coffee grounds. The coffee grounds presents themselves with light floral bouquet and a light but balancing acidity with gentle, delicate citrus overtones. Unique to the estate is a "chocolate buttery" taste which unites the body, acidity and aroma into one of the best taste experiences. Since Kona is the interactive beverage, you, the drinker affect how your cup will taste.

The goal is your enjoyment.

We aspire to give you the Best Kona for your Estate cup.

We hope you enjoy a cup of Black Gold Estate while browsing the processes by which it is born. Ultimately, the ground coffee is the natural connection with the farm. Your feedback completes the coffee grounds cycle by allowing us to understand your brand interests. After all, it is you, the ground coffee drinker, that we strive to please.

Tips On Brewing Ground Coffee:

For optimum flavor and richness, grind your beans to the proper degree of fineness just prior to brewing. Begin with fresh, cold water and sparkling clean brewing equipment. Use one rounded teaspoon of ground coffee for each cup. Follow manufacturer's instructions for your brewer. Dispose of coffee grounds immediately to prevent over-extraction. Serve immediately or within half an hour to take maximum advantage of this distinctive taste experience.

Tips On Storing Coffee Grounds:

Beans are a very perishable product that is at its flavor peak just after roasting. We recommend you that you utilize your bag to be airtight. Store your coffee beans in a cool, dark place.

Kona coffee is delivered to you in a heat-sealed foil bag with a freshness valve and will remain fresh in its packaging for 3-4 months. We recommend that you order whole beans and grind them just prior to brewing for maximum ground coffee freshness.